Mixed Bag

Do you love as much variety packed in to one sitting as possible?  Would you like to catch a glimpse of music from many different eras, countries, and composers?  Do your interests fall into an "all of the above" category?  If you thought, "Yes!" to any of the above questions, then CSI's Mixed Bag series is perfect for you.

Some may consider Mixed Bag concerts to follow a more "traditional" route.  That's accurate, in the sense that these recitals will follow the typical structure you're used to: a smattering of music from all over the world featuring different composers, languages, and styles.  But we think that's exactly the ingredient that keeps audiences coming back time and time again.  Variety within one concert makes for an incredibly informative and entertaining experience, and you'll walk away feeling like you've just seen the world.

While the structure of these concerts may be traditional, the repertoire you'll hear and the astounding artists bringing it to life will transport you to the cutting edge of something exciting, engaging, and inspirational.  Whether you're a newcomer to the world of art song, a devoted music lover who enjoys going to concerts, or a seasoned song veteran, CSI's Mixed Bag concerts are sure to open your eyes and ears to vast new frontiers you will love exploring.

Upcoming Performances